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Welcome to the Utopian Empire 1.0!

Utopian Empire 1.0 is the very first version of the Utopian Empire's home website! I have decide to keep this version on the web so visitors who are curious of the Utopian Empire's past may look at it and see how it evolved.

This this last major update for Utopian Empire 1.0. There will be minor updates in the future necessary for keeping this site on the web, but that is about it.

If you would like to continue having fun and enjoying visiting the Utopian Empire, please visit Utopian Empire 2.0! This is a better looking version of the Utopian Empire homesite, it has loads more stuff than Utopian Empire 1.0.

Please enjoy your visit to Utopian Empire 1.0! I highly encourage you to visit 2.0 and my other websites! If you have any questions regarding the Utopian Empire, please send them to kalimar@utopianempire.tk!

Last Update: 3/22/05



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