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Welcome to the Utopian Empire's News Archive!

Here is where you can view all of the old news posts! I like having a news archive because it is like a history of the website. You can read back on the old posts to see how the Utopian Empire developed over time.



- Please note that all posts are in order from earliest, to latest -



10/29/04: Updates Galore!

Hey, it has certainly been awhile since I made a news post! A lot of things have happened to the UE since the last post I've made. For starters, the Utopian Empire now has an online community! It's been going through some problems though because hardly anyone is active and there are only around twenty members. So please join and be active! You'll find the link where the rest of the sites are. It's called The Utopian Empire's Online Community. So please join and have fun! I did this for you guys!

I have also recruited several co webmasters! With their help, I will hopefully have some of the other sites updated more!

Is there anything you wish to be in the Utopian Empire? Would you like another site? Do you have any suggestions on how I can improve the Utopian Empire? Please let me know by mailing to this address: ! It would be a lot easier for me when I know what you guys would like in the UE, so please don't be shy!

So, to put everything short: An online community, new co webmasters, and if you have suggestions, please mail me.

Well, I think that's about it for now. I will also go around and update the sites. I thank all of you for your patience! Oh, and I wish all of you a happy Halloween!


5/29/04: UE on search engines!

High, Emperor Kalimar here once again to bring some good news: Thanks to Add Me!, The Utopian Empire is now on selected search engines! One of them is Google, but I don't remember the others. Hopefully, more people will come to this site, and that will help out with my dream. The only thing I've been able to update lately was the link page, and I won't be able to do any more updates for a while. Hopefully, my co webmaster will save the day! Keep coming to this site, it will get better. Kalimar out.

4/4/04: The Utopian Empire Kicks Off!

High, Emperor Kalimar Here again for the second news post! Today's news is about how I start off this site. I started it by myself, but like I said earlier, I need help to keep it up on the web, after all, the Utopian Empire is more than one site (read first news post) and it would be hard to do on my own. That's why I am now recruiting CoWebmasters! I have recruited two already, and I might have two more on the way!

This will lift tremendous weight off my shoulders and the Utopian Empire will flourish!

For other news, I have a new page: "About the Webmasters page" where you can read about me, the webmaster, and the CoWebasters (coming soon).

Have fun until the next update!

-Emperor Kalimar

4/3/04: The First News Post!

High, Emperor Kalimar here! I wanted the first highlight news post to be about why I am creating the Utopian Empire. Well, here goes:

It all started two years ago when I was in the seventh grade. I'll never forget that year (2002). The year in which I seriously started getting interested in computers, internet, etcetera. A friend of mine introduced me for the first time into the world of web design. I was so awe strucken!

Later, I asked him if he could help me out with starting up a site. He did, and do you know what that site was? Yes, the first site to involve me with web design, was Star Wars Utopia! After that, everything was uphill for me from then on. My knowledge of computers started to ascend at a furious rate! Now, I'm studying HTML, and I'm even in an apprenticeship!

My friend showed me what to do for starters. He updated Star Wars Utopia several times, then it was up to me. Man, I've never had so much fun! As you might have guesed, Star Wars Utopia was the starting point of my dream.

After a while, I thought, "Why not start up a whole bunch of sites on certain things and create the ultimate hobby for myself? Something other people could enjoy as much as myself?" After that, I started to brainstorm ideas. And, here we are. Several years have passed, and I'm still learning things.

Because this was my dream, I decided to try it solo. But it seems that this is a little too much to do myself. So I'm going to have several friends help me out on the things they like. Because this stuff is free, I don't have enough space to do whatever I want, I hope that in the future, I'll have enough money to makes these sites look different from what they are now, too look more like the topic the website is on.

I know I will become much better, right now, I'm doing this on my free time (which isn't that much at all), and I want my future careers to be web design and video game design.

I end this first news post to credits.
Thanks to my very good friend, for introducing me to web design for the first time!

And last but not least, Thank you Freeservers for making my dream possible!

-Emperor Kalimar