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CoWebmasters of the Utopian Empire!

This is where you learn mainly about the Co.webmasters of the Utopian Empire! I had them type up an introduction about themselves and other stuff. I hope you will find this useful...





Emperor Kalimar

As you know, my name on the U.E. is Emperor Kalimar. My dream here at the UE is to create sites that are fun to hang out at and to share with all the people on the 'net! So many things inspired me to start this two years ago from now, but two years later, the final push came from the Webmaster and CoWebmaster of the Super Mario Bros. Super Site! (If you want to view the site, I added a link on the favorite links page.)

Although MegaByte (the Webmaster) closed down his site two years ago, I only viewed the site a while ago. It was archived at another site, but it lives on! MegaByte's inspirational dream was the final push for my dream: the Utopian Empire!

I will do my best to create fun sites that everyone will enjoy!

Enjoy the Utopian Empire! My steadily growing dream!

-Emperor Kalimar, the Webmaster of the Utopian Empire

The Co Webmasters and Webmistresses:

UE Name: Myaku

Job at the UE: Co Webmistress

Sites helping with: Pending

Other jobs at the UE: Moderator of the Utopian Empire's online community and Journalist and Director of the Utopian Times


As a starting note, I would like to thank you all for reading this bit that I shall type, though I assure you that it is well worth your time. I am Erin, or Myaku, moderator and head of the UE Times. What I intend to use this opportunity of helping the Utopian Empire for is to help strengthen the Empire and build upon it. I will also use this opportunity to serve others and try to make many friends through helping as many of you as I can to the best of my abilities and I promise that I will fulfill my responsibilities that are given to me in order to contribute what I can to make the Utopian Empire just a little bit better through my efforts. I appreciate it if you have taken the time to read this and once again, I thank you.

Your Co Webmistress,


UE Name: Cabbit

Job at the UE: Co Webmistress

Sites helping with: Final Fantasy Utopia

Other Jobs at the UE: Moderator of the Utopian Empire's Online Community


Hello there, my name is  Holly, but my friends call me Cabbit. I am a co webmisstress
here at the UE. I also work on the FF Fansite section, and maybe a few other.
Whelp, I think you should know a little about me.
I am 16 years old, and my birthday is  Feb 24, 1988. I have a personaliy that is
playfull with a kick. I can be nice, or rude, and I'm a smartass with a hint of pervertedness.
I like Animals, and Video games, and anime, and swimming, and playing. ^^ I play with my friends on the net and in real life. I'm a playfull cabbit!
Some of the things I don't like are peas, liver, high places, being suspended in the air (Void an airplane and a roller coaster, and some other few things) bridges
the abuse of animals and people who hate me. Those are only a few, but you can find out more for yourself by chatting with me!
Some more things you might want to know are, I like to play a lot of RPGs, and not much else, although I am always up for a challenge! I am happily seen running around most of the time
and I am usually doing something with friends. If you have any interest in anime and video games, or your a chatter, I would be more than happy to talk.
I love the FF series,and I like to write. I do some Rps, and people seem to like them. I did have one RP that I was working on. It was almost finish, but I had to stop due to dire circumstances.
 Here is an FYI! If you don't know what a cabbit is, it is a cross between a cat and a rabbit! I'm sure you can find a picture of it on a google search, or if you have seen Tenchi! I am not just a cabbit of course! I am a cabbit/spacship/girl!
I think i like being in my cabbit form the best though! It's fun to play around! Well, I hope you take the time to talk to me, I'm always up for an adventure!

Hope to see you at the UEOC!